Monday, March 21, 2011

Great Weekend

My fiancee and I had a whirlwind weekend that involved visiting friends in Worcester(Woostah), Massachusetts for a bridal shower, and then driving back to Schenectady the next day to visit some friends and relatives for dinner followed by card games. We woke up to a beautiful morning on Sunday. We had stuff to do but decided to fire up the bike and go for a ride. She was freezing and so was I (although I wouldn't admit it). We stopped at a place that sells leathers, goggles, helmets and basically anything you could need and suited up for the 60+ mph windchill that we were subjecting ourselves too. After that, we just cruised eventually ending up in Albany for some Mexican. Below are the only photos I managed to snap. I wish I could get that phone of mine to focus better.


  1. Sounds like ya'll had an excellent time! It can ONLY get WARMER-right? My brother educated me on "WOOSTAH" as well-he is from Maine! HAHA

  2. Warmer, I hope. Funny you should say that actually - it snowed on Monday! Ha. Didn't bother me. I was still smiling from Sunday's ride.