Wednesday, August 18, 2010

swingarm bobbers

so, there is a 77 shovelhead for sale in my hometown for $4k. it's pretty ugly. but i'm ever so tempted to buy it and make it look like this:

*edit- more swingarm bobbers.

if you're reading this and have some pictures of your own swingarm bobber, please send them and i will post them to this entry. i will also give you credit and a link to your site if you have one. all of the pics below were found on

this is slowly becoming a collection of bikes that i find inspiring as i continue to customize my own. i love these old 4-speed frames and i'm really lucky to have one.

And below is my favorite. I first saw this bike on and posted the pictures here. I recently found a blog called The BDAC that the owner contributes to and clicked the "follow" button with a quickness. This bike is great.


  1. Wow man. Thanks for the kind words. I read the other entry as well and it's nice to hear that other people dig the garbage that I'm putting together. I'll have another swing arm build ready for the spring and I'm updating this one a little.

  2. what can i say? the bike looks great and i've been a fan since the first time i saw it. i will definitely keep my eyes peeled for the new build and i'm excited to see the updates to this one. thanks for stopping by and saying hello.