Tuesday, October 19, 2010

bicentennial kid

when i first started looking to buy a motorcycle, i was hoping to score a 1976 honda cb550. the reason was two fold. one, my dad had one when i was little and would take me to school on it. two, that was the year i was born. instead, a buddy of mine sold me one of his yamaha xs650s. it was a 1975. i still have it, it's a great bike. my next bike was a 1975 shovelhead. i still have that as well and hope to have it forever. don't know why i wrote all that. the point of this post is to show this sticker. i don't have one of these. original ones go for a hefty amount on ebay right now. i like the slogan, "great american freedom machine". i always make my fiancé chuckle when i refer to my bike as my "freedom machine".

Thursday, October 7, 2010