Thursday, August 19, 2010

compensator nut part 2

so i failed to mention last time how i was so excited about removing the nut that i hastily put the new compensator on without really checking what was going on in my primary. as a result, after i got the whole shebang back together again, i could still turn my compensator by hand. imagine a stream of profanities fighting their way to escape my mouth all at the same time. the only one that made it out was, "shit!". so, i figure, no big deal, i'll just back the nut off again. nope. the nut was chewed from the many times that the wrench slid off (and banged my shin or the tank). the nut wouldn't budge.

i decided to buy a 1 and 1/2 inch socket and a breaker bar and try again. it worked. now in addition to my previous advice, i would say don't go with a big ass wrench purchased at the tractor supply store. go to harbor freight and buy a socket and a breaker bar and find at least a 2 foot long cheater bar/pipe to help you. if only i had done that from the start... anyway, you live and learn.

so, i got the damned thing off and crack a beer to celebrate. this time, i took everything apart. the chain, sprocket, clutch plates and basket came out. the problem was that there was no spacer between the sprocket and the rotor. aaaaand there should be. i knew that. but i trusted that whoever had this before me knew that as well. i guess they spaced when they put the primary back together. now i have some parts on order and hopefully will be riding again in time to go to vermont and see the fall foliage. hopefully, the next post will be a picture of me dancing and the bike warming up to go for a sweet ride.

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