Sunday, February 6, 2011

Strociek Engineering

Some cool pics I came across of custom jugs and heads for 74" Harleys from the 70's. Take a look at the whole collection here. Also of note, the folks hosting that website have developed the last combustion engine that will be known to man. Check that out! It's only $100,000.


  1. I worked at SE back in the 1970's. Dave and I did some cutting edge work at the time. Dave was a top notch toolmaker, and was one of the most creative builders of the era. IMO he was just too far ahead of his time. Strociek was like working at the skunk works back then, especially where the high horsepower drag racing was concerned. Critics just dont understand how hard it was (and is) to be an independent builder. It was the best experience I ever had and I took away a thousand lessons from there when I left.