Monday, January 31, 2011

Broken Ribs and Busted Pride

I mentioned before how my father's beloved Roadrunner was totaled on a rainy day when another driver hydroplaned and railed into him. He was busted up pretty good but managed to get out of the car and scream like hell at the other guy. He went to the hospital for some broken ribs.

When these pictures were taken, a passer by said something to the affect of "Wow! Did the guy driving that survive!?" To which my Dad replied, "You're looking at him!"

The impact forced the Roadrunner into the curb, breaking its rear wheel off.

And above is "the other guy's" car. After my father screamed and shouted, the man replied, "Well, if I can help you at all, I'm a priest." My father being a good Catholic was shocked to realize that he had just unwittingly cursed out a priest.


  1. MOPAR back in the day ruled!
    'Cudas, Challengers, 440, 426, 383...etc
    Great pictures and story!

  2. Thanks, man. That car has a lot of stories attached to it. Everything from racing a kid for the pink slip to his camaro (my dad won but the kid welched claiming it was his sister's car), to out running the cops. That car was really something.