Friday, July 16, 2010

45 Magnum

45 flatty bottom with a sporty top. During WWII, the WLA 45 was the workhorse motorcycle of the US Military. During the late 60’s and early 70’s, some folks would buy an old 45, chop the frame and put a sportster top end on it. the result was what you see in the pics.

despite looking cool, it was supposedly a recipe for disaster. Here is a quote from a book called What Fits What on Harley-Davidson Motorcycles 1936 thru 1983 by Mike Arman and Kurt Heinrichs.

"Some magazines have featured a how-to-do-it on something called a '45 Magnum', this being Sportster top ends on a 45' case. Don't do it. The result is a loud, expensive noise from the greatly overstressed lower end, the immediate cessation of all forward motion on the part of the motorcycle, and dents in the gas tank when the unhappy owner bangs his head against it in frustration."

looks cool though.

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  1. hahaha, Arman knows his stuff too. I love the 45 magnums just for it's craziness but i would never subject my poor little 45 to such insane-ness.